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Financial Aid and Donations for Online Education

by / Saturday, 06 September 2014 / Published in Latest posts

World-Class Private English Education

We at Class Everywhere will do what we can to make English classes affordable for both individual students and educational institutions. We are dedicated to helping students improve their knowledge of English, science and technology, as well as exposure to foreign cultures in a multi-cultural online classroom environment. Coming to acknowledge the fact that not all are able to afford the lessons offered by Class Everywhere, we are introducing a program to financially aid those who find it difficult to pay for lessons.

The type of financial aid offered by us takes this form: we will be providing the very same lessons that we offer to each of our students and associated schools, but we may be able to help by making the cost a bit more affordable by using a “sliding scale fee”, with the cost being based on the financial aid application.

In order to apply for financial aid you can simply fill in the form at the bottom of the page; it doesn’t take too long to fill. We will get back to you as soon as we can after you submit the completed form. You can apply for financial aid whether you are an individual student or you represent an educational institution and want an expert English teacher for your students. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept all applications, but if you or the organization you represent qualifies for our financial aid program, then we will offer you a financial aid package specifying the cost reductions and payment plan options.

Education is a gift. In our little ways, we are trying to bring this gift to those who cannot afford to pay for lessons conducted by highly qualified native English-speaking teachers.  Unfortunately we are unable give completely free lessons, unless we receive donations from others (see below) or are hosting the occasional free special event.

The financial aid program allows us to help those students who are not in a financially capable position and help improve their much needed English language skills. We will offer the lessons non-profit, thereby reducing the amount we charge. Simply fill in the form below and send in order to request for financial aid.



We are seeking donations from generous individuals and organizations who wish to sponsor our English, science and social studies education programs to financial aid students and public schools. We are also open to donations from those generous people who wish to pay part or all of the costs to teach gifted and needy students anywhere in the world. Through these donations we will be able to provide free or discounted lessons for the students. It may be a bright student that you know, a family member, a school you studied at, or a community you want to help!

Also, you may donate without naming a specific benefactor, and we will keep you updated on how your donation was used to help improve the education of others. They will certainly be very grateful for your help. Education is the greatest gift, and with your support, we can create amazing global education projects!


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