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Learn in a Classroom…From Across the Globe

by / Tuesday, 15 July 2014 / Published in Teaching Philosophy

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The advancement of the information age has greatly changed how well people are able to learn things. With the help of the internet, learning becomes simple as Googling a phrase or watching a Youtube video. Taking it a bit further, we at Class Everywhere are innovating a new form of learning: online school class. Read on to learn more about it.

To tell the truth this concept is not something altogether new. This concept of virtual classroom is already taken up by many educational institutions. For example, it is quite common to find university classroom which makes use of multimedia such as a projector screen, etc. If you look hard you can also find classrooms where students can actually use their computers to interact with the lecturer and the course materials.  The only difference with our case is, the tutor will not be physically present in the classroom.

That difference itself provides an enormous advantage to our clients. They no longer have to accommodate teachers from a foreign country to bring the benefits of a native speaking teacher to their students. Of course, this also means they can afford to bring the expertise of native speaking teachers to their students, which otherwise would have been too expensive after considering the costs of air tickets, visa processing, accommodation, etc.

Another benefit of the online school class is that it is a novel way for students to learn and that can make it more engaging and interesting to the students than traditional methods of learning. And most educational institutions should know how difficult it is to get the students engaged and interested. The virtual classroom also allows the teacher as well as the student to use multimedia to help with their learning. Pictures, videos and interactive sessions can be an effective way of learning when compared to traditional methods.

One of the exciting packages offered by Class Everywhere is the Large Group Classes. This is an online school class for up to 50 students to learn in a single classroom. This can be quite economical for educational institutions. It also preserves the normal classroom environment so that students can develop their social aspects as well as their academic aspects. This is truly a path to global learning like never seen before.

Learning online is predicted to be the new mode of learning in the coming times. We at Class Everywhere are happy to say that we are going to get there faster than anybody else. We offer the chance for institutions to hire native speaking teachers at a much affordable costs, thanks to internet and all the modern technologies. You can subscribe to our Large Group Classes to satisfy the needs of a classroom of up to 50 students, or you can browse our homepage for any other offer which seems fit.






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