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Online English Classes for Business Professionals and Corporations

by / Thursday, 17 July 2014 / Published in Teaching Philosophy

World-Class Private English Education

Are you a professional who wants to master the English language? We at Class Everywhere are ready to help you.

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Before we take a look at the classes offered by our well trained teachers, let us look at the importance of English in the business/corporation environment. Good communication is something that is stressed again and again business. Whether it be presenting your ideas, writing reports or writing memos to colleagues, proficiency in English can make a huge difference. Whether you are doing business with an American, European, Russian or Arab, chances are you will both by communicating with each other using English as your common language.

The online English classes offered by Class Everywhere for business professionals and corporations don’t only develop proficiency in the English language, they are also teach key business phrases and concepts, may include lessons about email writing, sales, medical terminology, conference presentations, etc. We even help students to write and practice speaking their presentations for future conferences.


Class Everywhere offers packages for business/corporation English such as our one-on-one personalized classes, large group classes attended from a single place, or online classes where your employees can be at their home/ individual work stations and attend the class.  You can choose from these packages according to your individual needs. For example if you want to train just one or two employees in English, then you can opt for the one-on-one training or have them learn together in a small group class. Large group classes, where many employees attend the class in a single room, can be both time-efficient and cost-effective. Class Everywhere offers packages that are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, and our system allow students to attend classes from wherever they are, whether it be their home, their work stations or even at a hotel.

You must be astute enough to realize the importance of English for proper communication within your business or corporation. In this information age, when English is treated as the standard language in the international business arena, mastering the language means you will be more competent at doing business with you counterparts from across the globe. Make use of the business/corporation English training offered by Class Everywhere to raise the standards of English and you are sure to see the benefits!




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Andrew Morris
Teaching Director, Class Everywhere

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