Large Group Classes

Large Group online English classes are for schools, businesses, and organizations that have up to 50 students gathered in one physical classroom but will be taught English online. Our Large Group Classes is deemed to be the future of foreign language education for both public and private schools in non-English speaking countries.

For only $50 per class, you can sign up for our Large Group online English course today to see the excitement and fun of learning English online!


Large group classes are for schools and businesses who want up to 50 students to learn in one physical classroom to learn English online. With Class Everywhere, you get the convenience of having a USA teacher facilitate the language learning wherever your learners may be located.

For only $50 USD for each class, you get all the benefits of having a professional and qualified American online English course conducted by an American teacher anywhere in the world you are.

Our Large Group classes are mostly availed of by schools in China and other countries in the Middle East. This kind of US English learning mode is most convenient and cost-efficient. All you need is a video projector, speakers, and a microphone system– and your online English course for your large groups is set.

Benefits of Large Group Classes:

  • Cost-Efficient English Lessons. No need to hire a full-time English teacher; all it takes is a per-class payment, and you’re all set.
  • No-Contract Services. Unlike hiring an actual teacher, our English classes online requires no employment contract, no benefits, and no other expenditures. All it takes is a one-time per class payment.
  • Collaborative Learning. Our USA teacher can conduct the English lessons online, while your local teachers may facilitate the students’ activity and participation during the entire period.

It’s about time you improve your students’ learning from the best US English learning online school. Enroll in our Large Group Classes today!

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