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Vision of the online classroom

by / Saturday, 15 March 2014 / Published in Teaching Philosophy

World-Class Private English Education

Think about a new kind of classroom. You don’t “go to class”. Your class goes to you… at your home, school or office.

At Class Everywhere, our goal is to provide students all over the world with an online education that is personalized for their unique interests, needs and goals. We want students and teachers from different countries to talk together, think together and design the class plans together.

Classes are online and taught by American English speaking teachers using video-chat and classroom software. We teach many kinds of classes for both children and adults.

These classes are excellent for students who want English speaking practice for school or work, but live in countries like China or Saudi Arabia, where it is difficult to find Americans with whom to talk.

We would like to help you, and the people in your life, learn English in a new and exciting way. Please enjoy the materials on our websites and we hope you will join us in class.



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Andrew Morris
Teaching Director, Class Everywhere



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